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Our Services


  • Active brokerage engagement in the selection, lease and/or sale of real estate, primarily business space and luxury real estate in Belgrade
  • Consulting services and formation of negotiation strategy when leasing and/or buying and selling real estate
  • Consulting when choosing/leasing/selling real estate
  • Calculating the financial profitability of investments in all types of real estate
  • Real estate market research at the request of clients
  • Cooperation with renowned lawyers and thus providing assistance services in the process of registration and legalization
  • Real estate market research at the request of clients
  • We provide accurate and verified information related to the real estate market


As experienced brokers, we offer the option of permanent management of your property, which includes a package of services that consists of:

  • Brokerage in real estate lease,
  • Control of payment of current expenses by the lessee,
  • Minor repairs and supervision of craftsmen in consultation with the owner
  • Monitoring the lease flow and regular payments
  • Issuance of a monthly report on consumption, rents and payment status
  • Any type of service related to the real estate that is subject to a lease agreement, such as: organization of equipment, painting, renting, return to the original condition, etc.


  • With real estate lease, we are able to offer the preparation of the Handover minutes, which differs from the Inventory list. Depending on the equipment and purpose of the real estate, we can offer the preparation of documents that accompany the Lease Agreement, and relate to the existing condition of the real estate before the start of the lease, as well as its condition after the end of the lease.


Providing all consulting services related to the process of leasing, i.e. buying and selling, which begins with the selection of real estate, a lawyer, a public notary, etc.