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Municipality of Vračar

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Vračar is one of the smaller city municipalities that is divided into several micro units, which differ in their geography, architecture and residents. It can be said that the central area of Vračar, popularly called by brokers and clients – comb of Vračar , is a complex of one-way streets that flow into Krunska ulica . It is a unique street, elite since the period between the two world wars, that leads from Pionirski Park (which represents the border – the tri-border between the Old Town, Sava Venc and Vračar), all the way to the old Kalenić market. The described area, to the left and right of Krunska Street, is considered the most attractive for housing in the last 15 years in Belgrade. Beautifully decorated sidewalks, small restaurants, cafes, exclusive boutiques, foreign representative offices, facilities of many embassies are located on this stretch of Vračar, which gives foreigners a sense of security, comfort, and cosmopolitan style. The architecture is reflected in the combination of old, salon-style renovated buildings where the wealthy population lives, and new modern buildings that fit perfectly into the existing environment. Beautiful areas for walking, parks, relatively flat terrain, as well as easy access to the center, make this location extremely attractive for living. Rental prices in this area have not changed for almost a decade. Very dense population, accessibility and proximity to quality facilities (cultural, educational, sports and recreational) are factors that Vračar offers to all who live and work there. The development of modern architecture, underground garages and parking spaces is very well resolved, and in this respect this area gains advantages compared to the Old Town .

Other areas of Vračari, such as the location around the Church of St. Sava and the historical Neimar (with beautiful interwar family villas) are located on the slope leading to the South Boulevard, which is an invisible border for both investment and life. These parts of Vračar are also known for modern buildings with underground garages, as well as for the breath-taking view of the St. Sava Temple. The location attracts famous people from the world of sports, politics, business, and that kind of clientele has, for a long time, raised the values of this area for residential and business environment. The very easy accessibility of the highway as well as Autokomanda, Dedinje and Senjak made foreigners fall in love with that part of the city, as a peaceful green oasis that gives them the feeling of living in the city center, with the availability of other locations where there are business centers and numerous international schools. On the other hand, Neimar, as one of the oldest parts of Vračar and Belgrade, consists of numerous smaller villas that have everything a family needs: a comfortable living room, a garage, a garden – courtyard, an oasis of peace and green surroundings, as a private respite from the busy life in Belgrade.