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Jasna Bajić-Ljubičić

Jasna Bajić-Ljubičić PartnerJasna Bajić-Ljubičić


Jasna is a versatile, extremely communicative, and open person who stands out in business with her remarkable, analytical skills and capabilities for finding solutions to problems that are closely related to the property and legal status of real estate. In addition to many years of practice in the field, Jasna has experience in drafting lease agreements, compiling supporting documentation, and providing support in the implementation of the sale and lease of high-budget real estate.

The strong ties with the diaspora that she has created through continuous work, make her highly confident in achieving high goals. Knowledge of market trends, the state of supply and demand, and all the links in the chain, from the moment of getting to know the client and his needs, to the realization, made this young person reach major events in the real estate market. Her need for constant advancement and improvement has led her to the newly established company JD Properties, with which she strives to set high standards and develop as a client advisor to the extent of being always one step ahead of everyone.

A person who approaches each client as a new challenge successfully and safely solves the most difficult problems that arise on the way while conducting activities, such as negotiation, compiling documentation, consultations with reputable legal teams, cadastre, and the judicial system. Her persistence and understanding of the problems in which clients find themselves set her apart from competitors in this sector and make her a leader who has adapted well to modern business.

For years, as a director and partner, she has led a successful team of real estate agents and a company that is well-positioned in the real estate market and which still exists today. She did her professional internship in a renowned real estate rental company and established excellent relationships with clients, associates, and numerous diplomatic missions.

She graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture in Zemun in 2009 and obtained a Ph.D. degree at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Belgrade in 2018.
While residing in Spain (2007), as a scholarship holder from the EU and Serbia, she managed to perfect her Spanish alongside dealing with her profession. Nowadays, she has an active knowledge of Spanish and English at a high level and uses German passively.

Married, mother of two children – Mihajlo and Vera.

EMAIL: office[at]

PHONE: +381 (0) 61 691 72 38