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Dragana Badnjevac

Dragana Badnjevac PartnerDragana Badnjevac


Dragana is known as a professional in the field of luxury real estate. With a degree in economics, she has gained expertise in the field of corporate business, especially in sales and finance. With effectively incorporated knowledge, she manages to follow market trends with easiness, understand the business decisions of clients clearly and approach negotiations with self-confidence.

Being energetic and versatile by nature, she has been looking for a way to apply her knowledge and interests in the direction of maximum achievements.

Recognizing the real estate market as multidimensional and dynamic, she takes a business turn with the goal of realizing her full potential through the synergy of movement, communication, aesthetics, and creativity in problem-solving. In previous years, her career has been built on successful real estate projects. Today she is a partner in JD properties.

Open communication, attentive listening, and recognizing the needs and desires of clients make her impeccable in creating positive outcomes.

Clients value her expertise, attitude, commitment, and responsibility, in addition to charisma and support from the idea to its implementation.

EMAIL: office[at]

TELEFON: +381(0)61 691 72 38